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Reseller Focussed

Wyobi provides resell access to our range of mobility, security, access and other products and solutions via an established channel. Resellers are at the heart of our solution strategy and their success is our success. OpenItem Fleet, OpenItem Access and other OpenItem mobile workforce automation solutions are distributed and implemented via this channel.

Best Developers

Wyobi employes only the best, seasoned, multi-talented, full-stack, senior, multi-platform developers and architects. While this comes at a premium, it allows us to solve some of the hardest problems and develop software at much faster rates at the best quality.

Technology Enabler

We focus on enabling your business through technology by developing re-usable frameworks and components that improve time to implementation and the fastest possible returns. Whether through our highly specialised resellers and network of implementers or technology providers or through our custom software for your business, we can deliver.


Wyobi is a small, big-hearted software development and software consulting company founded in 2007. We've been focusing on providing product enabling technology and monetising via various channels and have also enabled many other technology providers behind the scenes.

Not counting custom developed software, Wyobi white and gray-labeled products have over a thousand business users out on the road, at access control points, or in the office. And an ever-growing number of home users are using our estate access control mobile apps.

We are capable of developing custom mobile, server, web and desktop software, native or multi-platform for all mobile platforms and technologies, including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android Phones and Tablets, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, desktop software for Windows 7-10 as well as Mac OS X and more.

Enterprise grade web software for any line of business, using the Microsoft stack or MEAN.js stack for robust or big-data applications.

Fleet Automation (ePOD) & Fuel Management37%

Estate Access Control12%

Corporate Access13%

Other Mobility & Implementation5%

Custom Development37%

OpenItem Cloud - Mobilize your Business.

What we do?

Our Services

Multi-Layered Technology Provider

We focus on developing frameworks which we productize and monetize in different ways. We can enable your business through these assets or can assist you in building your own.


Need some expert, specialist and well-seasoned developers and architects to assist with your design, architecture, development, SDLC/DevOpps, platform or technology challenges?

Custom Mobile & Desktop Apps

Native and cross-platform Mobile and Desktop applications for most devices and systems: Apple iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows Mobile, Phone 8, Windows 7 and 8 and Windows 10.

Custom Server, Web and Cloud

Enterprise grade web application development and reporting for intranet, extranet or cloud-hosted solutions using the Microsoft .NET as well as Open Source MEAN.js stacks.

OpenItem I

OpenItem I is our well-established, well-supported, off-line first, cloud-based and extremely stable Mobile Workforce Automation framework. It is the basis of many of our solution offerings and we've successfully configured and customized the dynamic workflow to support many other business verticals including inspections in mining and vehicle inspection, fuel management, dispatch, security, quality and others.

OpenItem PaaS

Our latest, cloud-based, lightning-fast, big-data enabled, multi-device, PaaS (Platform as a Service) mobile workforce automation system that can easily be configured by anyone to build offline-enabled, enterprise, Mobile Workforce Automation systems easily. It supports a very wide range of mobile devices to solve most mobility problems.

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Our Solutions

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Our work

This is a limited selection of projects and solution implementations that we've actively worked on in the last year. Some are OpenItem implementations through resellers, some are custom projects.


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Heritage Hill Access Control


Silver Lakes Access Control


La Como Clearwater Access Control


Ebotse Access Control


The William Fourways Access Control


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Thumbzup - IOS, BB10


View Detail

Lafarge Readymix & Aggregates


a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals / Mango Logistics


View Detail

Labucon Resources


View Detail

Remade Holdings (Pty) Ltd (Remade)


UJ Access Control


The Success Accademy Access Control


Engen Industrial Access


View Detail

Chase Software - Widget


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Super Specialists

Our Core Team

Wyobi makes use of a network of senior and specialist developers, programmers and hardware engineers to deliver solutions and scale to handle any project size. Below is our core permanent team.

Danie Bruwer

Co-Founder, OpenItem I, Access Control and Operational

Danie champions our Access Control, Fleet and OpenItem I solutions and the related reporting, he is highly experienced in many platforms as well as looking after our current support team, he can't help but get involved in all native iOS custom development projects. He also loves to solve everyone's solution problems on a day-by-day basis.

Wouter van de Giessen

Co-Founder, Custom Dev, Infrastructure and OpenItem PaaS

Wouter makes sure everyting is executed perfectly, he always follows a detailed approach and crosses all the t's while dotting the i's. Not only does he ensure our business relationships are rock solid, he also has many years of experience and can code in most languages on most platforms.

Fanie Oosthuysen

Co-Founder, Architecture, Products and Strategy

Fanie pays attention to the big picture and tries to focus on what we will be doing in the future. He prototypes our future but still tries to get involved whenever there are hard problems to solve. He can code in many languages and understands software patterns, solution design and product design well.

Conrad de Wet

Genius, Microsoft Marine and Low Level hacker

Conrad develops and supports most of our rugged-mobile software. He is one of the most experienced Windows Mobile and Phone developers in the country. While he probably may have started the Microsoft marine movement, and is a .NET, CPP and assembler fundi, he is multi-skilled and translates his experience well to other platforms.

Kyle Tee

Genius, Apple Whisperer, Androidian, Open Source

Kyle has a gift developing for Mac OS X, iOS and Android as well as much much more. He understands requirements instantly and provides solutions to the hardest problems on a ongoing basis. Apart from Mac, iOS and Android, he has stacks of experience with Open Source technologies from Cordova/Ionic to PHP and much more.

Carl Badenhorst

Senior Developer

Exerienced coder on any platform iOS and Android and even C# backends. He specialises in Native development delivering world class Apps. He's experience in fanancial Apps served him well during Developement on the Payment Pebble App for Thumbzup, ABSA and ANZ. Carl is one of those guys you can just give anything to do, he puts his head down and ensures the job gets done!

Arno Vosloo

Senior Developer

Exerienced full stack developer on the Microsoft Platform(.Net) Result driven developer that won't step down to any callenge given. Android development is a passion for him that has been long pursued and can develop mobile apps to perfection.

Nicolas van der Walt

Junior Developer

Student of the field, quickly adapting to the environment. Nicolas handles the day to day Documentation, Configuration, Theming and App Store Submissions.


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Enterprise Devices in 2 Years


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Active iTunes/Play Access Apps

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Wyobi actively solves traffic congestion in South Africa by not having permanent offices. This allows us to leave our Geniuses in their most productive environment. Contact us online, or via Skype.